Miss Illinois County Fair

Illinois Pageant Directors Association

The Illinois Pageant Director's Association was created to network and exchange ideas between directors, promote fair queen pageants and queens, and to support the Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant. Each year, the Association gives more than $5,000 in cash to the contestants through fundraisers. Semi-annual meetings at the Illinois State Fair and the IAAF Convention give directors the chance to socialize with and learn from their peers. Round table discussions at each of the zone meetings give directors an opportunity to meet one final time before the State Pageant. Membership is open to any fair queen pageant director or associate director in Illinois that pays their annual dues. Paid members receive all mailings from the Pageant Director's Association throughout the year.

Annual dues are $30 per director and $30 per associate director. Dues may be paid at any of the zone meetings or at the Pageant Director's meeting during the State Pageant. Checks should be made payable to the Illinois Pageant Director's Association.